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Over the past year I have gotten sick of the social justice bloggers on this website. No, it is not at all because any of them are “wrong,” insofar that any anti-oppressive individual can be “wrong.” Each of them has their causes, and inspirational many of them can be. The reason I pretty much quit associating and bickering with the lot of them is because they, along with mainstream Democrats, refuse to set long term goals, without which we cannot and never will be able to form small pockets of intense solidarity, fully operational beyond identity politics, and with broader appeal among the less atomized.

The real trouble I have run into on this website is highlighted so well in the above article. Folks here want to serve two masters, the one relative to the largest portion of their identity—sex/sexuality/race, or whatever other politically correct sub-section of the categorized hierarchy the “left” creates—and the one massed under the mantra of class struggle.

Strategy divided so fully will never accomplish its ends. We view ourselves as individual pieces in a chess match—doomed to fail. Infinitely more capable are we operating as a set, all doing what we can and must to manifest what we all want, victory.    

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